About Luxury Albums by Reflections

So, I got married and hired a professional photographer to take pictures of our special day. During the consultation with the photographer, he informed me the package that I bought did not include a customised album. He continued to say that if I wanted an album it would cost x amount which was out of my price range.

We got married, he took our pictures and I waited five months to receive the photographs which were delivered on a CD. I didn’t feel very special when I received my package. There was no personalisation, just my name written in marker and a case which had a few of our photos on. There was no real excitement. I have always been quite sentimental and love looking back at the ‘good old days’ usually in a standard photo album with sleeves.

Due to my disappointing service, I decided that no other bride should ever feel the same. These are the pictures from the best day of your life. So, I searched and searched and searched; I contacted many companies who quoted me thousands of pounds to create a story book. When I would ask for a preview or a sample – the samples that I received were not what I had pictured at all.  From my research I eventually found likeminded individuals who shared my vision, understood my thoughts and together we spent months creating the perfect album. My checklist included:

✔ An Acrylic Cover

✔ Lay-Flat Album

✔ Personalised Text

✔ Faux Leather Spine and Back Cover

✔ Scratch, Dirt and Waterproof

✔ Quality over quantity of pages

Since 2017, we formed Albums by Reflections so other people can feel special about showcasing their album to others.

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