Choosing your photos

Top tips for choosing your album photos

So you’ve received an electronic copy of your wedding photos and have decided to treat yourselves to a luxury bespoke personalised wedding album. However, you are now faced with a daunting challenge of selecting the best few photos as they all cannot possibly fit in one album. Just how do you go about deciding which photos make the cut? Here are a few tips offered to you by Albums by Reflections

Where do I begin?

Depending on your budget, the size of the album you want and the number of photos you have to choose from and also the story you want to tell determines how many photos you will need to select for your luxury personalised album. This may be a very unnerving process as you’ll be asking yourself how can I select just my favourites when there are so many.

Your Wedding Mini Events

Baring all the above in mind, Albums by Reflections recommends you to break the wedding day(s) in to mini events to make the selection process more manageable and so that you don’t miss out on any of your key significant moments. The most common mini events of a wedding are as follows:

Getting Ready and When The Day Begins
First Look
Family Portraits
Couple Shoot
Reception and Dancing

Page Details & Box

Fully Customised Events

However, this may not always be the case for your wedding. For example, if you had a South-East Asian wedding your mini events may have consisted of:

Bridal Mehndi / Mayaan
Grooms’ Mehndi / Mayaan
Grooms’ Choor
Religious Ceremony

Nonetheless, every wedding is unique so the mini events may vary. Please feel free to rearrange or rename your sections.
Non-Asian Wedding
South-East Asian Wedding

Now that you have broken your wedding down into different mini events, take a look back at your photos and decide which ones mean the most to you. Categorise them in whatever way you consider best; some like to number them whilst others create folders for each event and re-organise them.

Each ceremony does not need to have equal number of photos in and Albums by Reflections would recommend this to definitely be the case. The key to a unique luxury bespoke personalised photo album is to include the pictures which tell the story of your big day. Choose a few photos from each mini event as this will ensure your wedding story flows flawlessly between the key parts of your day.  Leave out the doubles, or the photos that are similar unless they really do have a significance to you. For example, some brides like to do a spread for the wedding ceremony as they can include details such as the dress, decoration, flowers, rings, first kiss and any other special details which made their day unique. Others on the other hand, just like to include a photo or two.

Albums by Reflections recommend you to write a checklist of all your special moments such as: bridal entrance, exchanging rings, first kiss, singing of the contracts, speeches, first dance, cake cutting to ensure one photo is captured for each moment and encapsulated within your bespoke luxury album. It is also suggested that a mix of photos are selected ranging from natural, candid, portraits, detail and group shots. The balance of the photo types encourages your luxury bespoke personalised album to flow naturally. Too many of too few of each type of photo may not work.

** Don’t forget Albums by Reflections can choose the order of your photos to help put your mind at rest **

This is not a generic album, this is your luxury personalised bespoke wedding album created to tell a beautiful story one to be told with more focus. Therefore, it cannot be emphasised enough that quality and not quantity is definitely true for wedding albums for the biggest impact when your luxury album is opened.

** Don’t forget: Choosing too many photos overcrowds the album, making the design look messy and having smaller and similar photos **

Albums by Reflections prefer to create some pace within each album by mixing busy montage style layouts with ‘lay-flat’ pages, this allows some of your photos to be displayed across two pages whereas the others are creatively placed to recreate your story. The lay-flat pages permits for the photos that you adore to be the focal point of our luxury bespoke album and therefore are not lost amongst the others. So, don’t forget to earmark your favourite photos so we can ensure they stand out!

** Don’t forget: To think about the colours and contracts of your pictures. Guests dressed in brightly coloured clothes, couple shoots outside with crisp blue skies and rich green grass can all make a photo jump out of the page. Colourful pictures all work well with black and white and dark photos.

Cover Photo

This will be the first picture you or anyone else sees. It should either set the scene for the rest of the album or showcase you as a newly married couple. Suggestions are as follows:

Wedding invitation
Your Wedding Bands
Signing of your Wedding Contract
Favourite Couple

Leather Bound with Quote

Final Photo

This all depends on how you want to end your wedding story.

Some couples choose to end their album in the car they drove off in, or a picture of their honeymoon destination, a photo of two families joining into one – the possibilities are endless.

No matter what photo you decide to go with; stay focused and remember your theme.